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[b. 1938] (Borys Andriyovych Mykhailov) Ukrainian photographer
It’s not important how you show something. It’s important to show it at the right time. - Boris Mikhailov

You photograph one object, then another, you place them between one another and this unintentional connection turns into a story about life in its entirety. And all this is born from chance, and this chance is photography. - Boris Mikhailov

As soon as I got to New York, in the late ‘80s, I went to Harlem. Everybody told me not to go, and if I went, not to take pictures. Of course I went, and I went with a camera. - Boris Mikhailov

I know people do not want to look at such photos, but only if you look at misery in a picture do you start to notice it in the street. - Boris Mikhailov

Manipulating with money is somehow a new way of legal relations in all areas of the former USSR... I wanted to transmit the feeling that in that place and now, people can be openly manipulated... I wanted to copy or perform the same relations which exist in society between a model and myself. - Boris Mikhailov

I intuitively felt that photography was the field where I could express myself as a citizen and a human being. - Boris Mikhailov

Photographers must be very aggressive and open for life. You have to be a very social person, you have to be able to look inside yourself. - Boris Mikhailov

Photographic accident may be more interesting than a consciously constructed collage. - Boris Mikhailov

We as spectators are the ones who are humiliated and degraded by the confrontation, exposed to a truth we cannot walk away from and cannot bear to share. - Boris Mikhailov

When you’re open to life, it responds to you. That is what an intuitive possibility of photography is—to crawl deeper into the depths of life. - Boris Mikhailov

I was always against good technique because it didn’t work with Soviet life. Good quality equals foreign life. - Boris Mikhailov

Through the ass of this woman I saw the world. - Boris Mikhailov - On his series of photographs: "Superimpositions."

As a photographer with unofficial authority I discover, I observe, I clandestinely stalk. - Boris Mikhailov

They say about me, that I proceed like a cat in hiding, watching. I am waiting for the best moment to press the button of the camera. - Boris Mikhailov

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