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[b. 1947] Japanese photographer
I cannot stop [taking photographs of scars] because they are so much like a photograph… They are visible events, recorded in the past. Both the scars and the photographs are the manifestation of sorrow for the many things which cannot be retrieved... - Miyako Ishiuchi

The natural choice is to photograph what you like. I chose what I hated. - Miyako Ishiuchi

I failed a lot. Failing is so important. It’s been such a plus for me, never having been taught photography. - Miyako Ishiuchi

…I have always thought that the darkroom is such a sexual place. Its smell is so strong. And if you do it with bare hands, it’s like you’re having sex. Photography has that quality; it engages the five senses. It possesses something like sexuality. - Miyako Ishiuchi

I am not photographing the past, I am taking the present moment, the time of the now, when these remnants are here, together with me. - Miyako Ishiuchi

I’ve started to think lately that perhaps I really am suited to photography. That’s the potential of photography: to be freer and freer, to do things with ever more freedom. - Miyako Ishiuchi

It’s very difficult for me to take pictures from the perspective of the viewer. I can only be the one providing the photographs. - Miyako Ishiuchi

I can’t photograph the past. I can only photograph what happens in the moment I encounter this particular object, my most personal reactions, what I feel and see. - Miyako Ishiuchi - On photographing the clothing of Hiroshima atomic bomb victims

The world only starts to become evident through personal histories. In “Hiroshima,” I don’t photograph the several hundreds of thousands of deaths, but an encounter with just one woman wearing a dress, with the dress arranged so that the woman, who is still missing today, can come home at any time. - Miyako Ishiuchi

There’s always something about [my photographs] that’s cold. Maybe that’s because I never really wanted to become a photographer. - Miyako Ishiuchi

One must be a bit cold to be the one taking photos. - Miyako Ishiuchi

...honestly all I do is capture what’s in front of my eyes. It’s extremely straightforward. - Miyako Ishiuchi

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