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Photography is indisputably the most powerful visual art form ever devised by Man. - James Elliott - 1975, Quote from "Photography magazine"

Photography : so many attempts - so few masterpieces. - James Elliott - 2001

When people say Photography is not Art what they actually mean is THEIR photography is not art. - James Elliott - 1994, expounding a rather marvelous variation of the "Speak for yourself" philosophy.

To master Photography you need the brain of a scientist and the mind of an artist. - James Elliott

Photography is as easy as you are to please. - James Elliott - at a London party 1998. A fabulous piece of repartee Elliott shot back at someone who dared tell him photography was easy. Probably not a wise thing to say to a man who has spent 5 solid months on a single image.

You know Photography is a hard, unforgiving and critical taskmaster. You don't need a critic. The medium itself makes it glaringly obvious what is wrong. - James Elliott - from his essay on Metasphere 1997

Photography is the Art Of Light and represents the epitome of Man's progress within the Arts and as such is inevitably the most powerful and compelling. - James Elliott - 1977. Taken from the exhibition catalogue of his first London exhibition. Whilst others dismissed Photography as art or fawned for "equality with the other arts" - Elliott was already kissing the other arts goodbye.

As an Artist I feel like an Old Renaissance Master who inadvertently wandered into the Asylum of Modern Art, didn’t get on with the cretins and so tried to stand in one corner, leant on the wrong door, fell through it into a time warp and ended up fifty years into the future. - James Elliott - Feb 1998 on the eve of his ground-breaking exhibition 'ART FOR A NEW MILLENNIUM'

Photography is about sustaining a creative continuum until you create a visual orgasm, suspended in Time for eternal ecstasy. What you see forever may only occur for a fraction of a second and only occurs once. I have tried to re-create photographs - you can't. Better or worse, yes - but the same, no! Nothing in this Life is ever the same twice. You might THINK it is, but you just aren't looking closely enough. - James Elliott - 17th April 1999 from his essay on "Kiss On Frosted Glass"

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