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[b. 1954] German photographer
Ideally, my photography is a political appeal. I take photos mainly as a way of speaking in public about what intrests me. The camera is like a Geiger counter, it indicates the prosence or absence of radiation. It scans and registers what someone pointing the camera sees in front of it and has selected. To that extend it appears rather harmless. - Thomas Struth, Prospect : Photography in Contemporary Art , ISBN: 390816219X , Page: 300

I wanted to make photographs in which everything was so complex and detailed that you could look at them forever and never see everything. - Thomas Struth

The point at which the photograph ceases to function as a metaphor is the point at which it is free to propose an experiential model. - Thomas Struth

I’m interested in photographs that have no personal signature. - Thomas Struth

In certain cases, I asked people to stay fixed in their position, but the effect was already lost. Those photographs don’t work, because photography is so sensitive a medium that one can’t lie using it. - Thomas Struth - On his “Museum Photographs”

In general, my work is less about expanding the possibilities of photography than about re-investing it with a truer perception of things by returning to a simple method, one that photography had from the beginning of its existence. - Thomas Struth

[When] I am taking a photograph, I am conscious that I am constructing images rather than taking snapshots. Since I do not take rapid photographs it is in this respect like a painting which takes a long time where you are very aware of what you are doing in the process. Exposure is only the final act of making the image as a photograph. - Thomas Struth

The image of an empty landscape accommodates the medium of photography in so far as it always involves the present, despite being historically referential. - Thomas Struth

The portrait is the subject matter in photography where the problems of the media are the most visible. - Thomas Struth

The word “series” is a diminutive attachment. A series is something that pretends as if one picture has no value and you need the series to give it that value. You wouldn’t say, for instance, that James Joyce wrote “a series of books.” - Thomas Struth

If I look at my work from the beginning it is more the idea of trying to establish a kind of material that one can work with for the future, rather than making nostalgic images to record something that will later become lost. - Thomas Struth

For me, making a photograph is mostly an intellectual process of understanding people or cities and their historical and phenomenological connections. At that point the photo is almost made, and all that remains is the mechanical process. - Thomas Struth

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