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I am very likely to stand in front of a scene or object and wait for it to tell me something. Photography is like a meditation for me. It is such a concentrated moment. - Stephanie Torbert

Photography is like a meditation for me. It is such a concentrated moment. - Stephanie Torbert

A lot of my work has doors in it, or the suggestion of doors. We all open the same door many times over and over and each time we open it new light comes in, different air, a fresh experience, an old experience slips out and gets loose in the room. - Stephanie Torbert

Something I have worked with a lot in many of my images is cutting out extra material to lead you to believe something that may or may not be true.. - Stephanie Torbert

A lot of my early work, especially the reflections, was about what I call the surrealism of everyday life...picking out the strangeness in the world we live in. Those doors are doors that could lead you to other worlds, or what is behind what is in front of you. - Stephanie Torbert

I don’t even like telling people that there are paintings in the flower work because in a sense it is not important. It is if you want to know how to make them, but probably you wouldn’t be able to make them anyway because I made them. You make your own weird thing. - Stephanie Torbert

One time I brought a portfolio of my work over to the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, and showed it to a researcher whose hobby it was to photograph wildflowers. He made very pretty little black-and-white pictures. I showed him some of my flower pictures, one of them was this very pointy looking flower, and he was horrified. He said, "You sell these things? This looks like blood!" - Stephanie Torbert

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