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[b. 1941] American documentary photographer
These were not models or abstract women wandering into my studio room but women who I have known as people and as real. To me photographing the nude is simply using my camera to sense and feel the pulse of life… I am interested in photographing of women as people, not the photographing of women as stigma, or the photographing of women as flesh or smut or form or any number of essentially superficial aesthetic devices in which the photographer’s fragile ego tends to dabble. - Larry Fink, Views on nudes by Bill Jay , ISBN: 0240507312 , Page: 92
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To photograph a nude without desiring her is the ultimate in perversity... - Larry Fink, Views on nudes by Bill Jay , ISBN: 0240507312 , Page: 71
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[Photography is] the idea of the transformative merger between you and the person you are seeing, that you somehow try to enter their form, their skin, their mass, their muscle, and potentially, possibly, their soul. - Larry Fink

The pictures I take now and tomorrow and yesterday are about human events on a small order. I try to make them bigger, to make them into metaphors that might speak across the board. - Larry Fink

I photograph because I live. I want to contribute that passion of living to posterity in the best way I can. - Larry Fink

My picture-making process is not so much about making a photograph as it is about paying extreme attention to what I’m most attracted to, what is drawing my interest. For the most part, I’m hyperstimulated at all times; my life is a massive run-on sentence of stimulation. - Larry Fink

My approach [to teaching photography] is to assemble an avenue for passions to be expressed. I want students to understand that there are no good pictures taken when your camera is pointed at subject matter you’re not interested in. - Larry Fink

People like to have their pictures taken. Some will endure the pain of flash-blindness because recorded experience is somehow more important to them than actual experience. It is a profound aspect of our culture, this compulsion for proof. - Larry Fink

The moment that we have is the only moment we will ever have, insofar as it is fleeting. Every breath counts. - Larry Fink

Human honesty and deception have been the core of my work. I am drawn to energy that is both constrained and unbounded and I try with the camera to fix the complexity of the moment: to create an infectious perception, so as to change the viewers’ aloof judgment to one of unavoidable, impassioned involvement. - Larry Fink

I’m a scoundrel, really. But there’s something about me that remains rather innocent when I’m looking at people… Also, I’m always slightly nervous when I’m taking a picture, though I do it obsessively and without shame. People may sense that and relax, or at least not feel threatened. - Larry Fink

The photographs speak specifics, my words attempt to swallow a general flow. - Larry Fink

The pictures are taken in the spirit of finding myself in the other or finding the other in myself. - Larry Fink - On his images published as Social Graces , made mainly at museum and gallery parties and similar high-end social functions.

I’m always aware of what’s holding my interest while I’m shooting, but I’m not analyzing my desires to the point of cooling things down—just to the point of understanding impulses as they come. - Larry Fink

I’ve made a lot of fucking good pictures since I started. - Larry Fink - Declining a request to select a few photographs that "epitomize his work."

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