American naturalist and landscape photographer
The mountains standing tall, clad in lush forests and adorned with snowy caps, inspire me like the beauty of a sensual woman dressed in her evening gown and finest jewelry. The deserts on the other hand lure me like the same woman standing naked in the sun. - Guy Tal

In the history of art, the sole reliance on being “different” or “original” had long been the crutch of the untalented. - Guy Tal

In an age of over-photographed icons, and an abundance of technically excellent yet repetitive portrayals of similar scenes and subjects, Intimate Landscapes are the photo-artist's opportunity to express original vision, to explore new ground, and to include more of him or herself in the image. - Guy Tal

The beautiful scenery is there, but it cares not for pleasing composition or the quality of light at any moment in time. This is where the artist comes in, arranging in a frame the scattered elements into a story, anticipating and chasing the light, bringing it all together to create an evocative image capable of communicating the visual experience and impressing the grandeur of a fleeting moment on viewers for generations to come. - Guy Tal

Describing art in terms of "genre" or "school" or any other systematic categorization or breakdown is not only useless, but also serves to rob the work of its true value. Rather than having a meaning, it now has a "bucket" to be lumped into along with other pieces with which it may have some things in common. - Guy Tal

I chose nature photography as a way of capturing and sharing the beauty, power, and fragility of wild places and the life that inhabits them, so that those who have become mired in the man-made chaos may open their eyes to the real world. - Guy Tal

The answers are ambiguous – the image needs to be complex but not to a point of clutter, or it needs to be simple but not to a point of being too literal. It needs to have a message yet without the message being too obvious… or too obscure. Confused? If so, you have just learned an important lesson – art does not follow hard and fast rules, and thus transcends any attempt at a ubiquitous definition. - Guy Tal

My goal as a person and, consequently, as a photographer, is to witness, participate in, and hopefully share the delicate beauty of wilderness – those moments in time when nature and spirit transcend the make-believe world of politics, economics, religious squabbles, fleeting fashion, mass “entertainment,” and other means of wasting the precious gift of thought and inspiration we are each endowed with. - Guy Tal

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