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American documentary photographer
If I miss something I imprint it on my memory and it's there just for me. Sometimes I like that better. The pitfall of photography is that you can end up looking at everything through a camera, instead of seeing it for itself. The viewfinder isolates you. When you look through one, you're cutting everything else out of your vision. The camera can open many doors, but sometimes you need to put it down and live. - Maggie Steber - Popular Photography - issue of March 2008, p. 127.

If you really are sincerely interested and beyond “getting a great picture,” people will tell you everything about themselves, and it enriches your own life. - Maggie Steber

Every time we click the shutter, it’s like a new day, a new chance to make a clean start, to be original. It’s a very exciting and exhausting thing to do. - Maggie Steber

Photographs are like our children. We put the best of ourselves into them—the best of our vision, our minds, our hearts—and then we send them out into the world. At some moment, perhaps the moment we click the shutter, they are being released. From that moment on, they don’t really belong to us anymore. - Maggie Steber

If you’re just there for a picture, forget it. In fact, please don’t go if that’s all you’re trying to do in a country, is document people who are suffering, just because you’re trying to build a portfolio. Please don’t go. - Maggie Steber

... respect is the most important thing you put into your camera. It’s like slicing off a little piece of your heart and putting it in with the film. - Maggie Steber

Nothing is ever going to describe in words what your mother looked like at twenty when the moonlight just fell on her face in such a way. Only a picture can show you that. - Maggie Steber

If you want the picture, you have to pay the price – and it’s usually yourself. Otherwise you hang the pictures on your wall and they’ll be empty and you’ll be empty. - Maggie Steber - Popular Photography & Imaging, June 2007 (PDF version) p. 108

I sometimes hear myself referred to as a “great woman photographer”. Would you ever hear anyone referred to as “a great man photographer”? - Maggie Steber - Popular Photography & Imaging, November 2007 (PDF version) p. 139

Photography documents history. I could almost weep about it. Sometimes I think the only important thing photography can do is document. I frankly don’t care if anyone remembers me. But remember the pictures and remember the people in the pictures. - Maggie Steber - Popular Photography & Imaging September 2007, (PDF version) p. 131

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