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[b. 1964] a black and white photographer
A lot depends on serendipity, making the most of the circumstances. - Julian Flynn

I prefer un-remarkable subject matter for my photographs as this allows the viewer to pass on rapidly from concern with subject matter to a deeper engagement with the photograph. - Julian Flynn

The best photographs can be incomprehensible at first sight but something draws us back to them. - Julian Flynn

I find photos of beautiful people boring. - Julian Flynn

I’d much rather move people than shock them. There’s only a value to ‘shock’ if you’ve something worth being shocking about. - Julian Flynn

There are good reasons for using oneself as a model(...)of course: your model is the most intriguing and puzzling person in the whole world;(...)you’re always available; you’re cheap; no explanations are needed(...); you don’t have to keep the model happy; and the model gets tired, and wants to stop, at exactly the same moment as you do. - Julian Flynn - from an interview about his self portraiture with artist Matthew Askey.

[These photographs] could have been done by a photographer working in the 1850s – an idea which I like. Because it means that what I’ve created is not dependent on significant advances in technology – it’s based on what might be called ‘raw photography’. - Julian Flynn

Digital work looks ‘digital’. It’s analogous to synthesisers and pianos – you don’t perform Bach on a synth because Reality, and the intimacy of relationship between the pianist and his instrument, is tidied out of the process. - Julian Flynn
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In my photographs I'm happy that there should be some ambiguity as to what state is being portrayed. I like the photographs to 'shimmer' through a range of interpretations as one considers them. - Julian Flynn - quoted from interview in silverlion.org.uk/issue1

...if (the photographs) resist a simple explanation that's because (they) haven't really got one. The way that they appear is what they are about - and they communicate what I wished to communicate better than any words I can use to explain them. - Julian Flynn - taken from interview in silverlion.org.uk/issue1

I'm not into that approach to photography where everything has to be perfect; where every landscape has to be unspoiled; every flower has to be a perfect specimen, a drop of dew on each petal; every portrait showing the person at their best. I'm moved by the mess of life, the way we, and the world around us, falls short of our dreams and our ideals: but we still try to make something beautiful out of it anyway; and that beauty is more moving because it acknowledges our fallen state. - Julian Flynn - taken from interview in silverlion.org.uk/issue1
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my approach to self portraiture (is) a way of avoiding looking at myself. - Julian Flynn - taken from interview in silverlion.org.uk/issue1
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...the portrayal of physical beauty is a very easy trick, exploited by mediocre photographers, and holds no real artistic challenge - even an appalling photograph of someone, or something, we find attractive will grab and hold our attention. - Julian Flynn - taken from interview in silverlion.org.uk/issue1

Good Art always disturbs to some extent, in that it always reminds us of what we've forgotten or chosen to hide away. - Julian Flynn - taken from interview in silverlion.org.uk/issue1

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